Saturday, May 28, 2005

Don't forget to be amazed....

Its a Sunday morning and I seem to have absolutely nothing to do. Which is pretty amazing.

I mean here I am, sitting in a comfortable room - the electricity is helping maintain the temperature, the phone line connects me to the world, I've just received mail from an old frind and replied.....

OK, OK, so this is normal - but you know, even though we've gotten used to it so we dont get amazed at all this - it really is pretty darn amazing.

I mean just think about it - the number of people who would have been involved in letting me write this blog. The hardware people, the software people, the connectivity people, the phone people. Hundreds of people doing their own individual work, which somehow gets synchronized in a way that I can have a Sunday morning sipping tea and talking to the world from my living room.

There have always been hardworking, brainy people in the world, but its the way their efforts are now connected in the world of today that is leading to the phenomenal technological breakthrus.

Now that all the plumbing is in place, the joys and rewards of massive collaboration are only beginning to really shine. It should be an interesting next 10 years !

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