Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Filing, Files, Spotlight and X1

Back when I first started my career, I used to spend a lot of time filing. No, not in folders under My Documents these were real papers, which had to go into real physical files.

Heres how the drill worked. When a new paper arrived via fax or letter, it was considered good form to Xerox it and send everyone a copy just in case he/she might have something to say on it (no points for guessing how many people actually had anything to say on most papers). Being the junior most, all the papers would eventually reach me with the notation: FA->Please File. So that FA (that’s me) would breakout the hole-punch and start trying to figure out where the heck to file each paper so that it could be retrieved later. We had an elaborate filing scheme, but somehow the one important piece of paper that everybody ended up looking for on a late Friday afternoon would manage to disappear into this filing black hole never to be seen again. Mind you, I was a fully qualified engineer at the time.

I guess thats why I hate filing so much.

That’s why, when I first saw X1 (www.x1.com), I was delighted. Here at last was freedom from folders. I could dunk everything into one folder and count on X1 to reliably locate it at lightening speed. It was magic. I started using X1 while it was still in beta and have never looked back. Along the way, Ive converted many to use this application and theyve all come back to thank me.

With increasing number of documents and mails to handle, its clear that X1 didn’t arrive a day too soon the traditional method of filing into hierarchical folders was just about at breaking point.

With all the current excitement about the new Mac Tiger OS and its Spotlight technology, Id just like to send a tip of the hat to the wonderful folk at X1 you were there first guys!. This is one instance in which Windows users can look at the Mac Spotlight and say, weve had it for years J.

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