Monday, June 27, 2005

You ain't seen nothing yet

So many things appear ridiculous in hindsight. Think of rotary telephones, or tape-drives, or cassette tapes....what were we thinking ?

The laws of physics did not change, it was always possible to build a touch-tone phone, or an mp3 player, or a what took us so long?

Now take a good, long, hard look around yourselves - which things that you use today will look like kludges in hindsight. Do I really have to type on a keyboard to get my thoughts across ? is it truly necessary to have a car that runs on gasoline ? is it mandatory to have a job ?

A lot has changed, and and a lot more will change; things we take for granted will disappear and things we never dream of will happen.

As I watch my dad ignore the latest gizmos that get my heart racing I think about how tech-savvy I am. But when I see my 8 year old handle techology.... I wonder: What technologies will get his heart racing in 28 years ? and will I really be able to keep up ?

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