Sunday, October 09, 2005

Earthquake in Pakistan - the aftermath

I must say I'm immensely proud of the way people here have come together to face this calamity. I got an SMS this evening from a co-worker about collecting stuff to send directly to Muzzaffarabad, one badly hit area - since the road has been quickly cleared by FWO.

When I got there in F7 with some blankets and clothes, they were loading their fifth truck and sending it off. As I took my stuff into the lawn of the house where they were collecting, I saw a virtual mountain of donated stuff - clothes, blankets, foodstuff, cartons of milk. People had obviously bought stuff from the markets and made it available for the relief effort.

The whole thing was being run by a group of young guys, and one of them told me that they had just started off with 6 or 7 friends but word quickly spread over SMS and phone and people started bringing in stuff. There was no other publicity - people are just looking for opportunities to help.

Another co-worker is soliciting donations via SMS and at last count had enough collected to order 600 tents and over a thousand blankets and much more.

Earlier as I drove around the city and tuned in to radio, there were people calling in from all over - even remote locations that are now connected - to offer consolation, words of couragement, and to share their experiences.

Its just totally amazing to see everyone come together like this. I'm really a very proud Pakistani today

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