Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The entertainment Fixation

OK, I'm feeling unusually nostalgic today. I've got so much technology around me that I can't even figure out what to use next. I have entertainment at my fingertips, world connectivity in my pocket, stereo, TV, Satellite, Mass name it, I got it. Kings of yesteryear would despair at seeing the options available to me.

So why am I feeling so low ?

Its interesting how much time and effort is being spent today in finding ways to entertain us. Video on demand, video on ipod, video in cars, games on the go, the list goes on. Seems like hardly a day goes by before a hot new product hits the shelves proclaiming to be the ultimate entertainment device.

What gets me is: how come so many people with so much loose change to throw at these products, have so much time on their hands that a multi-billion-dollar industry is needed just to keep them from getting bored.

On the bus ? waiting for your dentist ? at work ? eating ? in bed ? heaven forbid that you should spend a fraction of a second without live entertainment being piped straight to your neurons.

I could ramble on in this vein, but hey, I have to go entertain myself - idle rambling is so twentieth century, don't you think !!??

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