Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Back to school - kinda....

I'm doing a 6 day executive course thing at the INSEAD this week.

And it feels good to be back at school after, what...7 years ! And it reminds you of what the good old days were like.

Eating at the cafeteria instead of at a restaurant, peaceful environment (read: no fires to put out for the boss), and my favorite: everyone wearing casual - and I mean really casual, not the kind of casual designed to impress the boss even on a Friday!. Its interesting how much more interesting people look if they are wearing what they like rather than corporate uniforms.

And yet, in spite of this individuality in dress-codes, in spite of the geographic diversity, in spite of different native languages, everyone has the same purpose - at least for a week. The arguments are not about who gets noticed and who you can stab in the back, but about intellectual issues; and people speak out what they really believe rather than what they want you to hear.

I wish work was more like school...what a wonderful thing that would be.

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