Friday, August 18, 2006

Did Steve Jobs really do us a favor by giving us the GUI ?

Have you ever noticed that kids learn to point before they learn to talk, and that they learn to talk before they learn to write.

So in general, a move from pointing to writing is considered a sign of intelligence.

Why is it, then, that in computers things have moved in the reverse direction. There was a time when if I wanted my PC to start excel, I would write "Excel" and be done with it. Now I have to hold the mouse, hunt down the picture for Excel, point to it, and double-click on the little picture to make the same thing happen.

Is this progress ? Come on !!! give me back my command line please..

Well, if this gets you all dreamy about a time when men were men, and you were expected to be intelligent enough to know the alphabet and just tell your computer what you wanted - instead of pointing all over the place - grab a copy of slickrun. It is simply the best floating command-line ever written for your windows desktop - bar none.

Install it, and you will never have to regress to the childish pastime of pointing at pretty pictures to express yourself!

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