Friday, August 18, 2006

The end of nostalgia ?(sort of...)

I was born in 1969, and so I spent my best years in the 80s, growing up on a healthy diet of 80s pop music, early computers (the Commodore 64), and cold war news.

For me, the 80s was the best decade ever.

And so, as it passed on, I went thru denial (it can't have finished), to acceptance (well, it is 1999..) to nostalgia (yeah, those were the days...sigh)

But unlike past generations that had to leave it at that, I've found that I can return to my favorite decade any time I like - sort of. Thanks to the net and Google, I can trace (and buy) almost every single song I ever heard in the 80s. I can download a Commodore 64 emulator free and run it on my PC (or even my handheld), and I can dig into history and archive sites that let me re-live that era.

Of course there have always been collectors who did this, preserving the past in carefully nurtured collections, to be shared with friends over nostalgic evenings. But the Internet has democratised this process like never before - I can browse thru the past whenever and where ever I want and pick and choose anything I wish to relive from my past at my leisure.

And this is just the beginning - since my decade is from a past before the web was born. Imagine the options a child of today will have, who grows up in a world where everything happens online and gets archived, blogged, flickred, emailed, cached, and preserved on a thousand servers. This generation will literally have the choice to never grow up !

And so, after the death of distance, the death of time, and the death of place, we are also moving towards (at least the partial) death of nostalgia.

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