Monday, August 21, 2006

Tools for techies - Autoruns & Process Explorer

If you like to tweak your system for performance, you will want to check out these two utilities, both from sysinternals.

Autoruns checks out everything - and I mean everything that gets loaded at the time of boot-up and lets you disable whatever you want. If you think something or the other is hogging resources on your system, this is the place to start. You'll be surprised at the amount of junk that loads at boot-up after you've used your system for a while.

Process Explorer put windows process list (via task manager) to shame. This thing will list down every single process running on your system in an incredibly useful hierarchical fashion, and let you easily kill a process from right there. It also features system performance charts that give you a trend and tell you which processes were hogging the system right there on the chart.

Both are freeware and a must-have for the power user.

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