Thursday, April 19, 2007

The century that was ?

Have you noticed that an increasing number of articles and news items
mention the twentieth century as something old and almost pre-historic.

Hey ! Don't knock my century!!!

Twentieth century was the best ever and the eighties (that's 1980s for the young'uns out there) was the best decade. Ever. Period.

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  1. eighties...:)

    Although i was too young at the time, what i do remember of the eighties is having one channel on TV, available for few hours in the evening, watching cricket matches "live via satellite" usually for one hour a day, no mobile phones, no internet, no DVDs, no PCs, calling long distance (i.e. another city) by paying King's ransom...... and i think blackberry was a kind of fruit back then while SMS was something the sailers did with their torches....

    But on the other hand, there was so much time for so many things, such as playing monopoly (or even snakes and ladders), reading believe it or not section in the newspapers, a walk in the park trying to trace birds on the trees, aspiring to be a farmer (or a detective) some day, eating chicken Karahi on the GT road, painting T Shorts, catching fish in the pond, cycling on rather vacant and silent roads late in the evening or early in the morning...

    Well, balancing the pros and cons, i think it was much easier to be in touch with reality in the eighties.... but at the same time, it did not really matter.

    Nineties is when i was really alive (as a teenager and then in college). But i dont mind 2000's. This is when i have a bank balance, and no time to think about anything :)