Thursday, April 19, 2007

Of hospitals, doctors and 9 to 5

I'm sitting here at the hospital as my mother has just gone thru surgery (and doing good).

There is really nothing to do but to wait. My blackberry keeps me connected, but I am clearly in a very different place.

This is different. And this is special. People are saving lives here. Yesterday, I saw the surgeon come out of the operation theater after a full day of surgery.

Just another day at the office for her, just the 9 to 5 - and she probably tried to help save 4 or 5 lives in that period (this is a cancer hospital).

What do I do in a day ? Read about 100 emails, attend two, maybe three meetings, try to think if I can get the time - and then I go home without any real sense of achievement for the day.

Of course I know that in its own way my activity is as important as the doctor. I help create economic activity ( or at least busywork) which keeps people employed and also brings products to people. I help keep the supply chain going.

And yet. Knowing all this. I can't help feeling how much more lucky the doctor is to see such a direct connection between her work and its results.

Thank God for doctors.

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