Sunday, April 08, 2007

Of To Do Lists - old and new

I’ve been working for something like over 13 years now, and my fascination with To Do Lists is just about as long. I’ve tried everything. Text Files, paper based files, databases, spreadsheets, stacks of cards, Outlook, web-based lists, a palm pilot, everything.

But it finally dawned on me a little while back that the problem is not with the medium, but with the approach. For whichever method I use, the list inevitably grows unwieldy after a little while.

And so here’s my final solution: The only way to manage a to do list, is to not have one.

OK. I Exaggerate. But only a little. The problem really starts when I start fooling myself into thinking that I can solve every problem myself, that I can juggle a 100–item list of things to do. Of course I fail. What I need to be doing is to getting things off my list and sharing them with other people – focusing my energies on the few tough problems that I can really make a difference with.


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