Thursday, May 24, 2007

About slowing down

When I was at university I traveled by train a lot. It was a 5 hour
affair, and once you set off you were more or less cut off from your
normal life. This was before the time of pervasive cell phones, so
your friends could not reach you, you could not get in touch with
anyone, and even your most urgent matters had to be put on hold for 5
hours as you waited to get from here to there.

Its the closest you ever get to putting your life on Pause.

I have to admit that most of the time this was a bore. But sometimes -
perhaps after a particularly hectic period - there was an element of
peacefulness in these forced slowdowns of life.

Today, its much harder to do this. With the cell phone in my pocket I
feel tethered to the world wherever I go - except while flying - at
least most of the time.

And so though I know in-flight connectivity is going to get cheaper and
better, I almost wish it wouldn't.

In an increasingly frenetic world, slowing down is a fast dwindling art.

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