Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ramblings from the departure lounge while waiting for a delayed flight

Airports are strange places. Everyone here has spent a truckload of money to travel great distances.

Presumably, we all need to do something that we cannot achieve at our current location. Its just so inefficient. Why must a few hundred people get onto this steel tube and burn tons of fuel to get to a new place on earth, which, fundamentally is the same as the place they left.

Its almost as if we have given up on ourselves. I can't do this here, I can't enjoy myself here, I cannot earn a living here, I cannot live here - so I must go somewhere else. But when we get there, we will still be ourselves, our faculties will not change, our minds will work in exactly the same way, our bodies will not acquire superpowers. Travel does not change this - it only changes the space around us.

So, by implication, our work, our enjoyment, our life, our living, everything depends on on the space around us rather than on ourselves.

Something doesn't sound right here.

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