Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What we really mean....is best left unsaid !!

We've all heard jokes about what people really mean when they use jargon-talk in the workplace.

Well, here is my contribution to the pile:

1. “Let’s take it offline” means “We think it’s a crazy idea, but we don’t want to say it in front of everyone”

2. “Let’s take it to the next level” means “ well we couldn't do anything at this level, so let’s call it something else and try again”

3. “It’s a strategic decision” means, “We don’t think this will ever make money, but let’s do it anyway”

4. “It was a huge success” can mean any of the following:

a. “It didn’t do as badly as we thought it would”

b. “We had the foresight to set very low targets – and now we’ve beaten them”

c. We don’t really have any data to prove it one way or another so let’s just call it a success”

5. “Let’s think outside the box” means “We bored stiff of our actual job – let’s try doing something more fun”

6. “We need a consultant” means “we’ve made a huge blunder, now lets spend more money to find someone to blame it on”

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