Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Who me ? Stressed ?

As the old saying goes: you'll miss it when it's gone. It is generally said in the context of things we like or love - how we truly become aware of their importance when they go away.

But there is also another thing that is more evident in it's absence: stress.

When you’re caught up in the office and just trying to get ahead at work you can often go into denial about stress. How many times have you said: “I’m not stressed....I’m just a bit tired.”

But it is often when you take an overdue break from work that you realized how much stress your job is actually causing you.

In my case, after a few days of not doing the ol’ nine-to-six, I can suddenly remember things better, start noticing how much the kids have really grown up, and start thinking of new original ideas. A state which just shows how much stress there was to begin with.

It's important to find ways to let out stress before the annual vacation cycle - not easy, but important.

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