Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Management by Email

I've talked about management by doing anything and by bungee jumping in the past.

Management-by-Email is another proven technique that comes in handy. In this method, the basic objective is to answer every Email within a certain time limit, by adding at least three more people in the CC., and with a new set of questions.

Doing this has several advantages:

1. It generates a lot of email, which indicates a lot of activity, which (surely!) can only be good.

2. You bring more people into the loop, at least some of them will have an idea of what to do

3. In case things go south, this technique helps to spread around the blame ("..but I Emailed everyone, no one objected")

4. It obviates the need for any face to face discussions which can often be boring and difficult.

5. In case you want to kill a project, it does not have to be unpleasant. Just keep sending back replies to ever growing numbers of people until the project owner wears down and gives up.

And best of all, it liberates you from the office. Thanks to the Blackberry you can indulge in Management by Email from the comfort of your bed. Now there's a good idea.


  1. hehe, this was a cool one.

    Was just wandering on internet, started from a friend's blog and now realizing, I kinda know you too. Yes, we met at your office, courtesy Wasif:)

    How are you doing?

  2. Thanks, glad you like the post. Doing good here.

  3. Its kinda chilled in isloo these days, may be I am not very well acquainted with it.

    So Wasif too went to INSEAD?