Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Perpetually perpetuating the pointless

Human's are amazing creatures - or, well, at least I am.

Knowing full well that the world is fundamentally a pointless place with no real purpose, I manage to convince myself day after day to get out of bed, get ready, drive to the office, sit there for 9 or 10 hours and actually convince myself that I am doing something important and urgent !

While I know completely well that my existence is not really all that important to the big scheme of things, that the world will keep turning with or without me.

We seem to have an amazing ability to perpetually perpetuate the pointless


  1. beela6:13 AM

    Life may have no meaning.Or even worse, it may have a meaning, of which I do not approve.
    ~ Ashleigh Brilliant

  2. Farid: For once, I do not agree with your post here... (and i say that with all due respect... :)

    The statement that the world is fundamentally a pointless place with no real purpose... just cannot be true. For any given entity (and human beings are entities), its own horizon, its context, and the time frame it is in, is always very important. Our horizon makes us what we are, otherwise we seize to exist. Anything that makes "me" existent from non-existent, cannot be pointless for "me".

    Now the horizon, the context and the time frame, can be, and in fact is, different for every single entity. This makes up our world. Which in turns make us "existent". The scale of importance itself is dependent on existence, which we owe to the world.

    Let me give you a simple example. If my left arm is on fire, then all that matters to me (the extremely important thing for me) is... my left arm. I will do the jumping, shouting, grabbing the blanket and water... only to save my arm. At that point of time (time frame) my horizon is limited to my left arm. At that moment, "this" is my world. And hence important to me… (I cant ignore it, can I ?)

    Our everyday life, job, family, philosophy, ambitions... the works... are part of our larger horizon. They make up our surrounding, our world... and hence they make us exist the way we are.

    We can however keep changing our priorities, hence our world... but whatever is our priority right now (again time frame), remains very important to us.

    well, its 12:53am and I am half asleep... (which is why I am writing)... I hope I managed to make any sense at all.