Friday, March 14, 2008


I've lived in this city for 38 years now - our family moved here when I was just about one.

And while a whole lot has changed, a lot has remained the same. It is the same piece of land after all, the same streets, the same roads, many of the same buildings - though some have been knocked down and built over, most remain.

And yet the place is different. Even if I walk along the same road that I walked on 20 years ago, it doesn't really feel quite exactly the same.

And that's because I have changed.

I've lived in this city when all I could think of was getting a toy from the corner shop.

I've lived in this city when homework and class tests were the central point of my life.

I've lived in this city as I graduated and went for my first day at the office.

I've lived in this city as I got married.

I've lived in this city when I could spend hours at the library.

I've lived in this city as I learned to drive.

It all happened right here. In the same place. The exact same place where I stand today. And yet I cannot go back.

The scene can never be the same as I saw it from the eyes of a 10 year old, or felt it with the heart of an 18 year old, or smelled it with the spirit of a twenty-something.

Time truly is the fifth dimension that transports us even as we stay in the same place.

But if time travel is caused by my own perceptions, surely its reversal is also within me. To rediscover the past, I must rediscover the spirit that moved me, the passion that drove me, and the innocence that gave me hope.

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