Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What do you say.....

What do you say to someone who just told you: "I love you" ?

Do you simply say "I love you" back ? Yes, you could, but I mean someone just poured his or her heart out to you and all you can do is pull a copycat job ?

There has to be a better comeback. How about these.....

If you are insecure: "can I have that in writing ?"

If you are guilty: "are you sure ? 'cause I've been meaning to tell you about the car...."

...or if you are suspicious: "so what did you do to the car this time ?"

For those who like to live dangerously: " can't say I blame you "

..and if you have an absolute death-wish: "it's not like you can help it"

If you've waited too long: "Eureka !!!" (followed by a wild war-dance around the room)

If you're broke (and stupid!): "I hope this doesn't mean I have to get you a gift or something"

and finally, if you're my wife: well, then you just break down laughing hysterically....!

PS: Caution advised - use at your own peril, but then you already knew that


  1. firstly i 'love' this note... truly something real and one of those. . this-is-right-in-front-of-me-everyday-but-seems-clearer-now-that-i-see-it-in-script!

    my two bits. . .

    after deliberation on this term "i love you' for many a years i have concluded (in my opinion) that the most apt response to this very open expression of ones complete trust in another is to look straight back at the person (if they are in front of you) or in your sincere tone (in case this repertoire is exchanged on a phone call) say right back "I LOVE YOU!!"

    nothing portrays the expression of this response better . .as agreed with your blog 'i love you too' is a knee jerk, sort-of-nonchalant copycat-but-diluted response!!

    superb note!

  2. In full agreement with above. No "too". Just "YOU"!