Saturday, April 19, 2008

Commodore 64: Days of Coding - Part-1

Back in the 80's I got started on coding. After learning some BASIC on a Casio PB-100, I moved on to my first true love : Commodore 64.

The C64 was an amazing machine for it's time. And the kind of community of developers, fans, and gamers that built around it was even more amazing.

I taught myself C64 Basic, and 6502 Machine Language, and got to a level where I started contributing some of my code to a hobby magazine (yes I got paid too).

Back then there were no blogs and no easy way to share your creations, whether coding, or pictures, or writing. So it was a real thrill to see my name in print.

Here's one of the programs I wrote and which was published by Compute magazine.

The first picture of course is the issue cover. The next one introduces the program, and the then there is the actual code - some in BASIC and some in 6502 ML.

This one was published in the April 1993 issue. There were several others - maybe I'll post some more one of these days.

Glorious days.

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