Friday, April 25, 2008

One hit wonders

Why is it that some people can write and perform good music all their lives, while others peak after a few years and fade away, and yet others are destined to be one-hit wonders ?

Surely if someone has the ability to come up with one super-hit he can do some more ? the skill cannot go away that quickly ?

Is it that the fire in the belly dies ?

Is it that there are forces of nature beyond anyone's grasp which come together to add that magical touch to a performance. And if they pass on, they pass on and you are left behind as you were - trying, eager, even good, but never again brilliant ?

Or is it that everyone has only a certain number of songs in him.

And when they're done, they're done.

But don't regret the one-hit wonders. Admire them for they are bravest ones of all. They came, they saw, they tried, they reached, they touched, and they had to let go. And then they had to live on.

Here's to you one-hit wonders......

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