Saturday, May 24, 2008

The three stages of a career

Every career goes thru three stages:

Stage-1: What can I get done

As a freshly minted MBA (or engineer, or whatever), you have stars in your eyes and a glow in your heart. Never mind the money or the long hours. You're there to change the world, and you will get things done !

Stage-2: What can I get

OK. So you've been working hard for a while now and really putting your heart into it. Then one day it hits you. I'm not getting paid enough to do this !

Stage-3: What can I get away with

Well, you've made peace with the money they give you, even gotten some promotions and good raises. Life is good, life is comfortable. But you notice that you're in the minority that really cares. People who've been in the trenches longer than you have adapted long ago and found ways to cope and survive. What's wrong with you ? what are you running so hard for ? what are you trying to prove ? This is where you start wondering, what you can get away with...

Of course stage-3 is a sure sign that you need a new career, or you will surely head into stage-4: What the hell hit me ?!

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