Sunday, June 29, 2008

Commodore 64. Days of Coding Part 0

I blogged here about one of my programs for the Commodore 64 that got published in Compute Magazine.

Here's a complete list:

Sprint III - June 1992. This was a Basic compiler. I didn't actually write it as version 2 had beed previously published in Compute Gazette. What I did was to modify that version to add a RAM disk, a pause function, and some other enhancements. This was actually the hardest because I was modifying someone else's machine code without any documentation.

La Basic - October 1992. Add-in to Basic language that added labels to Basic language, so you could write subroutines with names (instead of line numbers only). Machine Language

Calculease -Jan 1993. Did calculus ! Basic.

XInput - March 1993. Add-in to Basic to allow programmers to get input easily from the users with specific conditions. Machine language.

Locate - 1993. A simple add-in to help Basic programmers position text on the screen and choose text colors. Machine Language.

Snakey - April 1993. Simple typing game. Basic.

Tag It - August 1992. Utility to help Basic programmers list their programs more easily. Machine Language.

Bassem+ - 1994. Basically a compilation that combined several previously published programs (which were not designed to worked together) to load and work with each other. This involved relocatng some code and modifications in several places to the programs. I don't actually have the magazine for this one but I know it was published as my check came thru !

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