Friday, June 06, 2008


Insecurity stems from desire. Our fear of loss makes us vulnerable to anxiety.

From which it logically follows that the more we have, the more we stand to lose and the more insecure we become.

But given the complex, interconnected world we live in - loss is inevitable. Witness the oil crisis and it's accompanying inflation which is driven by forces that no individual can control but which impacts everyone individually.

So the only way to rid a life from anxiety is to break the link between having something and the natural fear of losing it as soon as we possess it. Desire for something is probably a good thing as it goads us on to move ahead. But desire to perpetuate the possession can lead to problems.

Am I going anywhere with this ? Sure, the same predictable place where everyone tries to get: A middle ground between lack of ambition and lack of contentment.

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