Friday, June 20, 2008

"What took you so long ?"

I finally got around to installing a wireless network at home, so that I'm writing this sitting on the bed with a couple of pillows propped behind me.

Wireless browsing is nothing new of course, and I use it routinely at the office and in hotels around the world. But it is still something I find fascinating. And more than the technology itself, I marvel at how it is another piece of the puzzle that removes complexity and makes technology more accessible.

As is always the case, the more sophisticated technology becomes, the less visible it gets. No wires, nothing to plug in, no need to sit in the lounge (where the wired desktop used to sit - also wireless now), in other words, no visible reminders of 'how' it works, letting you just focus on the 'what' that it lets you do.

And this opens up a floodgate.

Suddenly I'm browsing with my father while sitting around the dining room table, suddenly the spouse is browsing movies and youtube on the laptop. It is as if an invisible barrier has fallen away.

And while as a techie I will marvel at the underlying technologies that have made this possible, the real user will just say: "Finally you got it right, what took you so long ?"

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