Friday, August 22, 2008

About inane conversations

It seems to me that a large percentage of the conversations in my life are patently pointless.

The wife comes back from the market, I look up to her and say "so you're back". Well! I mean of course she is!!

And my favorite: x calls y, y's not home. x calls later, finds y and the conversation goes like this:



"I called you earlier today"

"really ? when ?"

"oh about tennish I think - no wait, probably about 11, you didn't pick up"

"Thats odd, I never heard the phone"

"Well it definitely rang a few times"

"no, really?...hmmm...maybe you called sooner when I was out for a bit"

"....could'm pretty sure it was eleven"

.............and so, five minutes later...........

"Well anyway, so what were you calling about"

"right, know! its the darnedest thing...I can't remember"

Its enough inanity to make a grown man cry !

Why do we feel the need to fill our days with such idle desultory chatter ? Are we afraid that if we don't keep babbling someone else might get a word in ? Or, as I read somewhere or the other, is conversation really an invention of man to keep himself from thinking ?

Either way, I've tried experimenting by not replying to some of the more inane observations, so if someone intones "you're back", I just stay quiet. And if someone calls me and says "I called earlier" I just say "sure" and leave it at that.

It has mixed results. On the one hand it makes for a more peaceful life, on the other hand I'm sometimes accused of ignoring people. But I don't know, I'm staying quiet about this one.

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  1. Anonymous5:38 AM

    You know i have thought about it, and I think that we keep talking because we are afraid of the Quiet. As long as some thing is being said we have the feeling ( an illusion of course ) that we know what is going on , but during a quiet phase we are not sure what others are thinking. Are they thinking about us ? Do they care about us? Were they really waiting for us? Are they happy to receive a phone call from us? Since we can't read each others minds , talking is more or less a navigation tool.
    Have you noticed that people who are quiet look wise and unnerve others because who knows what they are thinking !!!