Monday, September 29, 2008

Instant Gratification (for information)

Yesterday I was having tea in the evening and watching TV when Clint Eastwood showed up on the screen.

"He must be getting on to eighty now", the wife said, wondering about the enduring genius of this man. Normally I'd just say "yeah" or something and that would be that.

But I also had my laptop sitting near and the WiFi works very well in the lounge. So automatically, almost without thinking, I reached out, typed in "Clint Eastwood" in the search box and reach his Wikipedia entry.

"He's 78", I said.

My need for instant gratification, when it comes to knowledge, has gotten a lot stronger since I got the WiFi going in the home. Now that the last physical barrier (walking the few short steps to the desktop) has been removed, I find myself turning to Google even without thinking. We could be watching a movie on HBO, and I find myself on IMDB looking up the cast, the plot, and the ratings. We could be discussing a book and I'm instantly on Amazon looking up the reviews.

Its probably not a good thing. Addiction of any kind can be harmful - and I'm going to have to watch myself before I go insane looking up every little detail of my day.

On the other hand, as connections get faster, devices get smaller, and search algorithms get smarter - I wonder what comes next...

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  1. beela5:31 AM

    Next step should be 'Beam me up scottie'. :-)