Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Remembering Black Monday

The recent economic news reminded me of Black Monday of 1987.

What was fun was telling about it to some junior people in the office and getting blank stares. I guess one of the privileges of getting older is to be able to recount stories from the past that you have lived thru and others are too young to remember !

But what I also remembered is how a cousin visiting from Canada promised to, on going back, xerox some articles she'd seen about the crash in magazines and mail them to my sister (who was doing her MS in Economics at the time).

And when I say mail, I don't mean Email. I mean mail. As in the post office. As in people physically taking information from one place to the other.

Quaint I know. But that's how it used to be.

So all those of you growing up in the nineties can pick up your jaws off the floor now !

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