Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Executive Summaries

To anyone in the the corporate world the idea of an executive summary comes pretty naturally. You've either made some, or had some made, or read more than a few - and very likely all of the above.

But let us just think for a second about the purpose of an executive summary.

The idea is that the Executive is too busy to be reading all the detailed reports, analysis, and articles coming his or her way, so he expects therefore to have a summary on top of each of these - ideally not more than one page. That way, he can take a quick glance and save his valuable time without having to dig into all the details.

But here's the conundrum: If the executive is only reading summaries to save time - how come he is so busy that he only has time to read summaries !?

A catch-22 if there ever was one !

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