Saturday, January 03, 2009

A lifetime in a teacup

I nestle a hot mug of tea in my hands and look at the steam rising above it. The warmth from the hot fluid travels thru my fingers - and somehow reaches my heart.

I feel content. Happy.

I remember the past. Remember other, countless cups of tea I have enjoyed over the years.

Somehow the warm mug in my hands is transformed into a portal that connects me to those happy times. I see continuity - I see that today, though much removed from yesterday, is really the same. And there is comfort in that feeling. There is solace.

The world changes every day at ever faster speeds. All familiar things seem to fade away - new replaces the old, faster overtakes slower, the comfortable, familiar surroundings of yesterday give way to the cutting-edge of tomorrow.

But the tea remains warm in my hands, filling me up with the same warmth it has always done. In a world moving at light-speed, I hang on to my cup of tea for anchor.

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