Friday, February 13, 2009

Four years on

Just wanted to take a minute to mark the four years of this blog.

I did the first entry on Sunday, February 13, 2005.

The second entry wasn't till May - so I very nearly ran out of steam as soon as I got started ! Back then I was still trying to arrive at a theme for the blog. But along the way, I've made it into a grab-bag of everything that interests me and that appears to have worked out reasonably well. It means I always enjoy what I write, and only write about what interests me.

And so, since I enjoyed it more and more, the blog has become more frequent. While there were 28 entries in 2005, there were 87 in 2008, and there were 229 entries in these four years.

Anyway, to the few - but very faithful - readers of this blog, I just want to say Thank you - I'm glad you take the time to look at what I have to say, and I enjoy being out there and sharing stuff.

1 comment:

  1. Beela6:52 AM

    The blogs have been interesting and thought provoking. Keep 'em coming !