Wednesday, March 18, 2009

About Regret

Of all human emotions, regret has to be up there as the most useless.

It is paralyzing, depressing, and serves no purpose.

It leads to rear-view-mirror-living, self-pity, and a general throwing up of hands.

Introspection is better as you learn something from it. Being self-critical can help to lead you to fix the things that bothered you. Acceptance of misfortune has an element of peace, healing, and moving-on. Being sorry for a misdeed leads you to apologizing others you might have hurt. Even giving-up has an element of closure and moving on to the next thing.

But regret, by itself, has no healing power. It keeps you in the fantasy of what-could-have-been; while what-can-still-be slips away.

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