Sunday, March 22, 2009

Slowdown to Speedup

Have you ever been stuck behind a slow-moving car on a multi-lane highway? with another slow moving car on your side, so you can’t overtake by speeding up in the next lane ?

You can do one of two things. You can either honk away till the car in front of you gives way. Or you can slow down to speed-up. In other words, hit the brakes, let the car on your side get ahead, and then skip a lane and speedup again.

Slowing down to speed up - it is a technique that works in a number of situations.

When coding – or writing – I know that it is possible to get stuck hopelessly at times. And the more you push yourself to get past, the more you get mired. In such a situation, it is worth stepping away for a few minutes and let you mind work it out at its own pace.

I wouldn’t suggest that it is bad to move fast, or to push hard. But sometimes you can be pushing too hard, sometimes you can be too focused, sometimes you can be going too fast and honking uselessly.

Sometimes, the only way to speedup is to slow down.

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