Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vocabulary for a Recession

Words are like artists with very very long careers.

They get their moment in the sun when they are fist coined and catch on, then they become routine and ho hum. Some of them recede to semi-retirement, rarely called out for a main role.

But just like public opinions can sometimes swing and make old artists popular again, a change in the real world can sometimes bring old words back into circulation.

The recession is doing it. Words that I had not heard or used in a while are suddenly popping up in conversations. Here's a few.

Pragmatic: One of my favorite words already, pragmatic fits the recession like a glove. It's a time to make-do, to improvise, to take things as they come and to adapt. Time to be pragmatic.

Resilience: Forget conquering, forget evasive action. The trick is to survive with your sanity in tact, to bounce back and carry on - to take the hits and keep moving forward.

Stoic: A bit extreme maybe, but this is a good time to be somewhat stoic. Ignore what the world does to you, cooperate with the inevitable, accept inalienable truths and still be happy.

This recession will pass - like others before it. The pendulum swings both ways - swing with it.

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  1. As Amazon puts it, here are a few recommended artists per your selection above:

    - Optimal
    - Rationale
    - Prozac