Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I remember...


Isn't it the darnedest thing ?

You could dismiss it as idle sentimentalism.

Or you could argue that everything we ever do in this life is for one purpose only - to make memories.

For the moment passes by in an instant, but the memory of the moment stays with you forever.

Of all the good times I have, so many of them start with the words: "I remember...".

Thank God for nostalgia.


  1. Beela6:40 AM

    Nostalgia for all the good times in life makes you say 'Thank God for nostalgia' , but some times it is attached to a great longing to go back to those times and at those times it is not so pleasant.
    However I think that all the new and on going memories sooner or later start eclipsing the old ones.In any case thank God for memories, for life would be dull with out them !
    Now let me see, I remember, once............ !!

  2. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Life wouldn't exist without memories. Our life is a long stretch of our memories and equally the future is our imagination.