Saturday, October 17, 2009

Are sloths lazy or laid back ?

What a difference a label can make.

Being lazy is bad & undesirable. But if the same behavior is labeled as laid-back, the connotation is one of bieng relaxed and easy going and more or less a good thing.

This is true of many things. There is a fine line between being brilliant and eccentric, between being adventurous and foolhardy, and between delegation and abdication.

Behaviours that are on either end of a spectrum are easily spotted - Sloths probably are lazy; then again maybe not). But the stuff in the middle is always a bit of a grey area. And in this grey zone, people are sometimes too quick to attach lables - often based on their own biases.

So it might be worthwhile sometimes to reserve judgments till after the full context of a behavior is known, rather than accepting the first convenient label attached to them.

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  1. beela5:52 AM

    How true !! and because of this kind of judgements we have ' bud say budnam bura ' situations !