Sunday, October 25, 2009

What if you are already there ?

The trouble with life is that it does not come with a playbook.

There are no well defined goalposts, no clear end-game. It's really the equivalent of running a marathon but not knowing when it's over. If there is no finish line, how long are you supposed to keep running - till you drop ?

So we end up looking around us and comparing ourselves to others - of course others are probably looking to us for the same reason ! and so we keep running and keep looking over our shoulder - not knowing when we'll arrive, or even where exactly we're headed.

What if you are already there ?

What if the life you are living today is the best life you are ever going to live ? What if you have everything you need to be content and happy right under your nose but you simply haven't noticed ? What if you have arrived at where you really wanted to be ? How can you know ? How will you find out ?

Life has to be lived. One way or another we must keep going, but it wouldn't hurt once in a while to stop looking over our shoulder and simply look inside ourselves and to say: maybe I'm there.

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