Friday, January 29, 2010

The player on the field

It is always interesting to see a big professional game in any sport.

Before the match starts, experts weigh-in on how the game might go and what the strategy should be. Then, as the game starts, the experts in the commentary panel take over – analyzing each move, giving opinions and advice. People watching on the television weigh in with their own points of view. Sometimes the coach is shouting from the sidelines.

Everyone is full of advice.

But the only one who can actually change the face of the game is the player on the field. She alone must face the odds, make the decision in a split second of play, and act !

There is always plenty of free advice, a lot of second guessing, a lot of people shouting from the stands. But in the end, only the man in the middle of the field can win or lose the game on that day.


  1. 1. sir you mentioned "she alone must face the odds ... "; very inclusive

    2. may be a good footnote is that the above mentioned doesn't apply if Pakistan cricket team is playing :)

  2. That is how we should react on the advice given to us.....We must not like a drifter...following all the advices given to are right...
    gather all the advice then think which is best...the technique is not theirs its be wise to put it together then made a decision as you see is the best...