Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The power of a good ad.

Back when I was in engineering school (before I was in business school!) I used to live in the hostel. This was the late eighties, so we still had cassette tapes and having a Walkman was a big deal. Sony was the well known brand for this of course – after all they’d invented it.

One day a friend of mine who lived in the next room, came in and showed us his Sanyo Walkman. He’d just cleaned it and it was looking shiny. Apparently he’d just seen a new Sanyo ad. for the walkman and was quite impressed by it. So much in fact that, as he described, the advertisement had made him realize that he had a very nice walkman after all, and so he’d cleaned it and was enjoying it more.

He was half kidding of course, but only half.

The fact is that a good piece of advertising had made him value something he already possessed more !

Now that is the power of a good ad !


  1. It is very true, and some times the ad remains in your memory for years and years and becomes a pleasant reminder of days gone by !
    'Isfahani chai hai apnay mulk ki bani
    Is say tarakki karay apni qaumi sanat bhi
    sheher sheher , gaon gaon log piayn bar bar
    Isfahani chai say hum sub ko hai piar !!!

  2. yup....i absolutely agree...