Friday, March 19, 2010

Living in a 2-Dimensional world

I remember reading a story long ago in which there was a world of 2-Dimensional people – as if drawn on a piece of paper. It was not like their world did not have a third dimension – it did. But being 2-Dimensional themselves, they never learned to look at the third dimension. In other words they looked left and right – but never up.

And all this time there was a whole new world right above them, but they missed it completely because they simply never looked up.

I was reminded of the story today as I was driving back from work – like I do every day. But it’s March, spring is in the air, and I decided to roll down the window at the red light and look sideways for a change. Look beyond the cars waiting next to me – and just take in the view.


And I pass it everyday.

And I never look sideways.

Suddenly I feel 2-Dimensional.

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