Sunday, April 18, 2010

In Praise of the Uneventful

It has been a peaceful, uneventful Sunday. Drive around town, a few errands, lots of reading, good weather, happy family.


It occurs to me that this is exactly the kind of Sunday I’ll remember in 20 years time and wish I could go back to. Indeed I’m looking forward to looking back.


  1. I can't remember one of those Sundays in about 30 years, when I was single and free! Cherish today because you never know what will come tomorrow. With that said, I've not had a dull moment in 30 years either... and loving it!
    All the Best!

  2. Hey Mark!! I would looove to add a Pakistanian (forgive me if I spelled that wrong)...but can I add u to my faves,hun.Different cultures fascinate me!
    I love your blog---as well as your everyday thoughts...Thanks...Tammi in Texas

  3. Well, it's Pakistani - not Pakistanian !

    Thanks for your comments - glad you like the blog.