Thursday, April 01, 2010

Why exactly is old, gold ?

My son accuses me of being stuck in the eighties as far as song choices are concerned. And, well, he’s almost right. I do enjoy a lot of music from today, but a lot of my favorites – songs which I consider to be classics – are oldies.

So the other day we got to talking about it and he started pointing out songs from recent times which are also very good . While he had a good list, I had to point out to him that as far as identifying classics is concerned, he’s fighting a losing battle.

You see the fact is that there were a lot of forgettable songs in the eighties. But they’ve been forgotten ! that’s the whole point !

And so whatever has survived to this day is the filtered version of the eighties. Songs that have outlived their singers, songs that have been sung and enjoyed for decades. They’ve got to be good – or we would have long forgotten them.

And that’s the thing about time – it is the ultimate judge.

There are surely a lot of great songs today – and I enjoy many of them. But are some of them classics ? we’ll find out in about 20 years!

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