Saturday, May 22, 2010

About moving ahead – and losing touch

I was just reading an interview with the creator of Pacman, over at

Here’s what he says about why he stopped making games soon after Pacman: Why did you stop making videogames after that?

Iwatani: After that, I became a producer. Namco was a small company, and because the organization expanded, I was promoted to section chief. Someone had to coordinate the younger developers that we’d hired.

So although I was still capable and wanted to keep developing games, I was told to serve as the supervisor — the manager of the baseball team, instead of a player.

I wonder how many more timeless games could have come our way if Iwatani had not been “promoted” ?

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  1. you could say that again.

    The original one is hard to find...
    but we need to venture new ones for fresher mind...

    A multiple mind is hard to find either.

    God bless you