Friday, May 07, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

I drop off my kids at school in the morning. There isn’t a large parking spot next to the school, so many cars drop kids on the roadside and the kids walk over to the school gate.

This means a lot of kids crossing the road.

And invariably - practically every day - I see a few cars stop voluntarily to let kids cross as they see them standing on the side of the road. There is almost no impatient honking from the cars behind them; and this can be anywhere on the road, not just on any pre-designated crossing point.

It’s a beautiful thing to watch. Strangers in cars displaying spontaneous kindness to to other strangers.

I’ve never quite understood what makes the world go round, but I know it is random acts of kindness that hold it together.

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  1. The unspoken key to the there ever more than giving what you at some moment in the world, might ask for?