Saturday, June 12, 2010

Forget being right, just be nice once in a while

Growing up in Pakistan, I’ve been used to fairly colorful driving habits on the road. As a child I remember my father would come back from a trip to some country somewhere with better road habits and talk wistfully about how drivers give way to each other and to pedestrians, and how others nod or wave a thank you when given way.

For the longest time, I waited for others to be nice to me on the road.

Then it struck me – I had it backwards. First you do good things to others, then good things happen to you.

So every now and then I’ve taken to forgetting that I have the right of way, and just giving way to others. And I’ve been surprised by the number of times people wave or nod a thank you in return. It costs me perhaps a few seconds of drive time, but the thank you stays with me much longer.

Once in a while, it’s good to forget about who has the right of way – just be nice.

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