Friday, July 30, 2010

The possibilities of a blank sheet

I love a blank sheet of paper. It is so full of possibilities. Take a pencil and start, you could end up with beautiful prose, or a haunting picture, or some whimsical lyrics, or just some doodles. Whatever you end up with will be unique to that moment and will never be created again – the possibilities are infinite.

It is amazing that sometimes we see a complex, full world around us and find no possibilities – when there are so many possibilities even in a blank sheet of paper

1 comment:

  1. hmmmm. poetic as I may say. It is not the paper with so much possibility. It is our mind that made impossible to possible.
    So as visionary, and a dreamer, how many possible things can you create from a wisdom that God gave to you?
    As you can see even beyond knowledge, shouldn't we be grateful to the one who created our mind with that possibility.
    So with zillion possibilities that goes in your mind. Be always thankful and greatfull to the one who made that possible.