Saturday, July 24, 2010

Speech–Are we making any progress ?

Speech, the ability to make someone else understand what we have inside our head, is an amazing human ability.

Imagine if you will, a prehistoric time; when speech had not evolved and some primitive sign language with a limited vocabulary was the only way to communicate. It must have been frustrating trying to get others to get your meaning. Anything beyond a simple “go hunt”, or “eat”, or “make fire” would have been beyond the repertoire of that vocabulary.

Sometimes it seems as if we have not made much progress.

Speech has evolved to an amazing level of complexity and sophistication, means of communications are instantaneous, efficient, and reliable. In seconds you can put your message out to the entire world if you so desire. I’m writing this right now and in the next few minutes it will be available on the web, indexed by Google, and ready to be consumed by whoever so desires.

But making someone else understand what we are really trying to say is still an enormously difficult task.

People misunderstand each other, get confused, imply meaning that was not intended, fail to get the real message behind our words. Sometimes it makes you wonder if we’ve really moved beyond stick figures and gestures.

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  1. What is speaking without listening...

    People misunderstand because they don't know how to listen.

    Sometimes brain must be drained so as to listen.

    Because listening is not thinking. It is an art which must be perfected not all of us know how to listen. There are times people are thinking over their heads excuses and reasons which disabled them to hear what others are saying.

    So listening and understanding is basically difficult to others.

    bless you...