Friday, August 06, 2010

Of Floods, Earthquakes, Tragedies…..and Kindness

Every now and then nature has a way of reminding us of it’s presence. Whether it is a Tsunami, or an earthquake, or a forest fire, or floods, it takes one day to wipe out what humans take years and years to build.

Pakistan has had its share of such events, and the recent floods reminded me of the day the earth shook in the earthquake of 2005. Millions were affected, entire towns were wiped out, lives were shattered.

And again in 2010, Pakistan is facing a natural calamity of gargantuan proportions. The floods in Pakistan have displaced, killed, and wiped out a heart breaking number of people, families and towns.


But there is tragedy and then there is kindness.

Back in 2005, Pakistan came together to help and heal its suffering people. I remember going from stunned disbelief as the magnitude of the calamity hit me, to immense grief for the people impacted, to a rallying spirit to help as Pakistanis started to pick up the pieces  – you could just sense it all around you, everyone you met was focused on somehow trying to help – it was the kind of thing that makes you believe in the human race all over again.

And today in 2010 the same thing is needed and is starting to happen. Grief-stricken as the country is, it is coming together to try and help. I know a number of personal friends who are organizing relief efforts, the army is doing its job, the private corporate sector is pitching in and a number of charity organizations are getting mobilized to help.

We can never make up for the damage, never bring back the dead, and it will take years to rebuild what has been lost, but we must bring hope, we must reinforce our belief that we stand together. The people who are in the path of the floods are facing a challenge to their lives, their livelihood, and their existence. The people not in direct path of the floods are facing a challenge to prove their humanity and the strength of their souls. For every news item about the floods which makes me cry out in anguish, I take solace from another act of kindness of people trying to help.


  1. Well, I just came to know about your blog from Adil Najam (Badal Cham Cham! his Nick give to him by Chacha Gi of PTV Morning show in Nities)... I actually went though all of your blog entries :) in one day & night, mostly skimming but some I have read throughly & few repeatdly... I must say! you are an amazing person. Hats off!... Loved it!...
    I am following you from now on...

  2. @Waqas: Thanks for your kind words. It's a great feeling to know when somewhere out there likes my blog - I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

    PS: I remember chacha ji from the show, but didnt know of the nickname!