Saturday, September 04, 2010

Made in Pakistan

Here’s a random list of 10 things made in Pakistan that I’m particularly fond of:

1. LUMS: My graduate school and a symbol of excellence in education.

2. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital: Cancer Hospital run on philanthropy. Amazing example of the generosity of Pakistanis.

3. The M2 Motorway: Connecting Islamabad to Lahore. One of the most beautiful, well organized and efficient motorways I’ve seen anywhere in the world.

4. Coke Studio: Some of the most amazing music to come our way in a while

5. Mangla Dam: The 6th largest dam in the world – right here in Pakistan

6.  Dil Dil Pakistan: Probably one of the most popular patriotic songs of all times anywhere.

7.  Saeed Book Bank: Amazing book store in Islamabad – my lifeline. The link is to their online store, but the actual physical store is what I really love

8. Metro Cash & Carry Pakistan: Makes the monthly bulk shopping trip that much more fun

9. Adil Najam: OK, technically not a thing! – but definitely made in Pakistan I know because I went to the same high school and undergrad as he did

10. Cinepax: Movies !!! Can’t go wrong with that.

11. Edhi Foundation: I know I said top-10, but I’m on a roll now! Edhi is another example of the extraordinary generosity ingrained in the Pakistan culture.

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